Monday, December 13, 2010

Stock Market Events

Stock Market Events

We developed a very successful method od identifying stock market events as they happen so we can take advantage of them. These Stock Market Events are very much like a flash flood in the catchment area of the river of money. We simply wait for them to provide telltale signs and then ride the flood of stock market activity as it floods its banks and money flows.

How do we do this?
We have monitored and traded the stock markets for over 10 years now and noticed patterns in the ebb and flow of money as well the markets. We have picked up certain triggers and correlations that may not seem obvious to the untried eye and some that are quite obscure. Nonetheless, we map out our catchment area to collect trigger data and wait for the signals of flash floods of stock market activity. Then the money flows!

We noticed a Stock Market Event on the 4th November and went long and bought across the stock markets. We made on average about 10% in less than a week using this method. Another Stock Market Event took place on the 30th November and the 1st December depending on your timeline and we went long again and bought.

This was also a phenomenal flood of profit ranging from about 5 - 10 % depending on the sector you supported.

Finding these Stock Market Events requires patience. If you miss them, you have missed the boat. You have to wait for the next one. Generally, they occur once a month but there are occassions such as October 2010 where no obvious flash flood Stock Market Event took place.

We are still bullish on commodities for the long term. They serve both as a safe haven hedge but also an inflation hedge too as the dollar weakens.

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