Saturday, September 19, 2009

Forex Trading Platform Review

Forex Trading Platform Review

There comes a time when a currency trader wants to know what else is available out in the currency market when it comes to trading platforms. I've decided that I am going to do some forex trading platform reviews over the next few weeks.

There are some big promises being made by these different trading platforms and forex trading companies providing currnecy trading services. Some of these trading platforms offer you 'free money' to start trading after you open a trading account.

There are some groups that offer free demo accounts for trading as well as good support. Some trading platforms I will be reviewing also include equities, commodities, precious metals and more. Imagine trading currency as well as your local stock market equities and commodities directly!!

Our first review is going to be a multiplatform.

Aurora Global Markets is a financial services company based in the UK and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Its wholesale services for financial institutions include: Global trading platform in equities, foreign exchange, commodities, precious metals and interest rates. Asset management services that can be linked to the trading platform including program trading and third party discretionary management.

What about another well known trading platform provider called AVA FX Online where you get some fantastic deals:

~ Open a free $100,000 currency account with ava fx and practice online trading. It's a great way to experience trading in the currnecy market without risking any money. The opportunity for you to learn, or to enhance your trading skills is one simple registration away.

~ Open the real currency account and begin trading with $100 with the chance for a free bonus of up to $1200 on your account!!

I've got loads more work to do to fill you in on the top trading platforms available out there and what they offering. It's a challenge I take up eagerly.

What's the benefit about a review? You will benefit from seeing what the different trading platforms offer and what their trading costs are.

Get to learn who the best of the trading platforms are over the next few weeks!

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