Monday, December 13, 2010

Stock Market Events

Stock Market Events

We developed a very successful method od identifying stock market events as they happen so we can take advantage of them. These Stock Market Events are very much like a flash flood in the catchment area of the river of money. We simply wait for them to provide telltale signs and then ride the flood of stock market activity as it floods its banks and money flows.

How do we do this?
We have monitored and traded the stock markets for over 10 years now and noticed patterns in the ebb and flow of money as well the markets. We have picked up certain triggers and correlations that may not seem obvious to the untried eye and some that are quite obscure. Nonetheless, we map out our catchment area to collect trigger data and wait for the signals of flash floods of stock market activity. Then the money flows!

We noticed a Stock Market Event on the 4th November and went long and bought across the stock markets. We made on average about 10% in less than a week using this method. Another Stock Market Event took place on the 30th November and the 1st December depending on your timeline and we went long again and bought.

This was also a phenomenal flood of profit ranging from about 5 - 10 % depending on the sector you supported.

Finding these Stock Market Events requires patience. If you miss them, you have missed the boat. You have to wait for the next one. Generally, they occur once a month but there are occassions such as October 2010 where no obvious flash flood Stock Market Event took place.

We are still bullish on commodities for the long term. They serve both as a safe haven hedge but also an inflation hedge too as the dollar weakens.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Stock Market peaks

We'v been waiting a few weeks now to see the stock market peaking. It seems as if the turn has finally come and that the bulls are finally running out of charge. There are numerous signals supporting a down turn in the market is pending now.

As of yesterday the 30 yr T bill chart shows an Evening star or bearish candle pattern at resistance. The dollar has also made an opposite bullish candle pattern or Morning star suggesting that it is going to go stronger the short term. This should put some pressure on commodity demand therefore resource based stocks and emerging markets. Watch the Shanghai.

The Dow Jones Industrial and the S&P 500 also look very top heavy at their respective resistance levels. They have also reached 161% fib extension levels and now sit testing their respective 10ema or 20ema support moving averages. This is dangerous territory if you are a bull or if you are expecting the market to go higher yet.

Our local stock market is also peaking displaying shooting stars at resistance levels. Not to say that this is the beginning of the double dip recession. We are not of the belief that a double dip recession will take place. However, we are due for a wave four count in our current macro wave cycle. A wave four count is a negative move which does go below the lowest point of the previous low. This would be around 9800 on the Dow Jones.

Trade well; not often.

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Gold surges with dollar weakness

We have been talking Gold up for over 18 months now. As the dollar goes weaker the gold price is correlated to it and so Gold prices must go higher. In addition to the dollar weakness, asset fund flow movement is easing out of cash and into precious metals like Gold and platinum resulting in the massive surge of prices for the commodities.

This does not mean that traders and investors should invest in the stocks relative to these precious metals. Traditionally, gold stocks dont follow the gold price. Platinum stocks tend to have a better correlation to their underlying metal's spot price. But it too should not be banked at present.

The best is to buy gold and Platinum spot price positions. That means you buy the actual price in dollar terms of an ounce of gold or platinum itself. It has nothing to do with a mine or a stock. You are speculating on the demand and supply of the commodity and either selling the precious metal or buying it accordingly.

With one of the major South African gold miners cancelling their hedge recently reasoning that the gold price is not expected to go below $1300 again it gives you a warm fuzzy feeling about the way gold spot price is going to go!
Our long time take profit level for Gold spot price was $1350 using a weekly chart for a medium term hold position... As it happens we hit this level in the gold price in October.

The dollar is at support now of the 161% extension against the EURO so caution is to be taken now in any long position. Move your stop loss into profit and keep an eye on it.

Trade well; not often.

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Thursday, September 30, 2010

We go long ALSI top 40

Our trading mentorship has almost run a month now and we had an excellent bullish rally trade opportunity today from 26000 to 26350. A very nice way to end the month of September.

We have also been holding Mr Price, Foschini and Shoprite since the beginning of the month. We have moved out stop loss in to aggressive profit levels to secure profits as the stock markets look to be leading into a wave 4 cycle which is bearish.

We have also been holding gold since $1265 long and now look to ease out of the gold price long position in the short term as it looks top heavy as well. We look to take profits around the $1319 level but certainly if the chart breaks down through $1306 which is a Fibonacci level.

Our stock market outlook is that the market is overbought and top heavy. This week displays a final push to Fibonnacci extension targets as unit trust funds etc all trade higher in the market to increase their quarterly results before any sell off can be seriously considered in the short term.

We are firmly bullish in the long term. There is at least 5 years more of upward movement in the global markets but not all in a straight line. As long as the 89MA remains support the recession is over and a double dip is unlikely.
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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Trading Platinum from support

We recently took a short term trade in platinum going long as the commodity found support at $1531. Our profit target was $1610. As the dollar was expected to go weaker commodities generally go higher.

We held the short term trade in platinum until $1600 with a profit of $70 we were happy to close the long position.

For a bigger view of the above chart click on it.

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day Trading Shorts across stock markets

We take some more shorts and take another massive day trading profit across the global markets!

With our recent investment newsletter we commented to our traders that we thought the stock markets were weak and reversal patterns were showing everywhere last week Wednesday already...

Since then we've had clients rake in 24% in trading profits! Why can't we help you do the same?

We shorted the DAX, Dow, S&P 500 and our local index the ALSI top 40. Fantastic day trading profits were there for the taking.

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Day Trading Online for Profits

Day Trading Online can give you the opportunity to make money online anywhere, anytime.

A quick update to give you an idea of the kind of day trading profits to be made:

We’ve just closed a bunch of shorts across the globe!

See below immediately:

Short DAX 50pts
Short S&P500 3 pts
Short ALSI40 60 pts
Short DOW 30pts

Just this one “day trading session” results in a 6% profit on our intraday portfolio in about 40 minutes of online trading!

We are in the process of getting our next Stock Market Trading Mentorship set up. Although it has been a while in coming we can now offer a date for short term traders to register on our Stock Market & ALSI 40 Trading mentorship!! Are you ready to get involved with a *LIVE* Online Trading experience?

We are looking for a limited number of candidates that meet the minimum criteria to get involved. See below the criteria we need for you to be considered as a good candidate for this Trading mentorship programme:

· Minimum Capital of R50 000

· Previous trading experience (Derivatives preferable i.e. CFDs, Spreads, SSFs)

· Knowledge of Technical Analysis

· Appropriate Charting software or Access to online charts

· SSF, CFD or Spread trading Account ( If you don’t have one we can assist with opening one for you.)

· Minimum time constraints

§ Look at interacting at least 3 hours a day (max of 17 days in a month)

§ Mentorship Candidates need not be online all day

§ Commitment to Skype Trading sessions (Morning 8h00 – 10h30 or Afternoon 15h00 -17h00 session)

§ Chat discussions are automatically recorded on Skype if you miss a session

· Funds must be free of liability or expenses i.e. money you can lose

· Personal coaching is optional for an hourly fee (Based on R2800 per day)

· Affordability of a Monthly subscription of R1500 (payable upfront)

· Access to the internet
· Access to LIVE CHARTS during the sessions
· Access to a Trading platform during working hours
· Trading Discipline
· A Mixture of Intraday Trading & Swing Trading opportunities

A one-on-one interview will conducted for eligible candidates in the last week of July. These interviews will be about 60 minutes in length. They will take place in Centurion during working hours. See below for more details regarding the interview and how it works.

The aim of the 60 Minute Interview:

To gauge your understanding of trading
Discover your risk profile
Learn portfolio size
Assist in opening account(s) if necessary
Develop a 2-year business plan for your trading
Discuss Your Optimal Trading session
Legal documentation
Mentorship Structure: How it all works
Non-disclosure agreement
Tools required during mentorship

It’s a lot to cover in 60 minutes!!

Some finer details to consider: Terms & conditions

Legal forms are required to be completed and signed before any candidate continues with the mentorship. These can be reviewed during or after the interview takes place. No eligible candidate will be allowed to continue with the programme without agreeing to the legal and non-disclosure agreements. The fees payable for the mentorship programme are not refundable. They are due upfront month-to-month before the 1st of the next month.

There is no term applied to the mentorship and candidates may decline to renew the monthly subscription at any time. Pro rata dues may be paid upfront but none will be refunded in lieu of discontinuation before the end of the month.

We strive to make the Short Term Trading Mentorship available to people wanting to learn to be successful on a consistent basis. There is no need to change brokers unless you have serious reason to do so. There may however be a need for you to open a secondary trading account in order to benefit from better trading rates, live online charts or increased number of instruments to trade for example.

In our dealings we are available to assist candidates to open alternate trading accounts for these purposes only. It is advisable to have at least one investment account and one trading account. This assists the investor to differentiate between decisions based on long term investment and short term trading!

Please note that not every month may result in a profit. 2010 was a tough time in a volatile market online. Our online day trading account (purely indices) ended in a 4% loss overall one month this year. (Bear in mind that this is our intraday trading account and not our short term trading account which is displayed on the Wealth Skills site.)

Because we understand our risk to reward ratio a cluster of bad trades is necessary. It allows for a cluster of good trades some time too.

The focus for the Short Term Trading mentorship is to be positive 9 months of the year which allows for 3 months of negative or break even results. As a short term trader accepting this inevitable outcome makes life much easier. Your trading psychology settles with the knowledge that losses are part of success. No trader has ever only experienced winning trades.

The main reason we provide the Short Term Trading Mentorship is that people struggle with their trading psychology. Consistent profits are derived from discipline and risk to reward ratio. If you could master these trading skills you will make money consistently. Would you want to be a part of a mentorship programme that can help you achieve consistent profits over time?

The Short Term Trading Mentorship is now on offer. Are you interested? Then be sure to RSVP to now. We will forward a Mentorship Programme Pack that includes forms to complete and your invoice for the month of August 2010.

This is an exclusive offer! The Mentorship programme is structured to develop a small group of disciplined traders over time. We limit the number of traders that participate in the mentorship so that a better quality experience is had by the small group.

Starting Date: Aug
Subscription: R1500 monthly
Focus: Consistent profits over time

To register, RSVP now to: Or

Visit us at:
Wealth Skills

All the best investing this quarter,

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