Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Forex Trading made easy(ier). Have you seen the flourishing Forex Traders at every Bank, every Airport and even in most Malls? How do they do it? IT Systems and support. You too can use these excellent systems to operate you Forex Trading account or begin to explore the world of foreign exchange trading before making a commitment. I have researched AGM Trading to find all the answers to facilitate your entry into this lucrative market. This is what AGM Trading have to say:

“The Forex market is open 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. Because of the decentralized clearing of trades and overlap of major markets in Asia, London and the United States, the market remains open and liquid throughout the day and overnight. The Foreign Exchange Market is the most liquid market in the world eclipsing all others. In comparative terms daily volumes are more than 40x the Dow Jones Index.”

How to enter this enormous market? Let’s look at the offerings below.

Rolling Contracts and Daily Cash and Future Contracts have a ‘flow chart’ listing the currencies of the USA, UK and Europe and comparable value to each other. Point’s changes vary from second to second. The ‘spot rate’ can be compared from the time of your entry into the market, to the time you decide to sell, establishing exactly the profit you have made over that time span. Even small percentage gains add up to enormous profits on a weekly or monthly basis.

Have a look at the Specimen Market Information Sheets provided by AGM trading and sign up for a free demonstration. You have everything to gain.

The beauty about Forex Trading is that you can do it from the comfort of your own living room. In fact, you can trade currency anywhere in the world! The Forex Market is the easiest way to start a business that needs no staff, no stock, no inventory, no rent and no theft. All you need is trading capital and the right trading platform.

AGM Trading is even giving you starting capital to help you develop as a Forex Trading member. Take advantage of this one time offer with a free demo account and start up Forex trading money before AGM Trading take it off the table.

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Contracts for difference with Forex

CFD(Contracts for difference) trading is about ‘margin trading’, or buying not ownership of stock but ‘trading rights’ on the stock by putting down a fraction of the price (i.e.,10%) holding it for short term, hours, days or weeks, and selling it at a profit when the market rises.

Easy? Yes and no. The cautionary is that like all speculation with stocks and shares, only money that you ‘can afford to lose’ should be used. Having said that, with the right systems, good nerves and attention, it is very feasible to make a lot of money. A CFD being a ‘derivative’ of a stock holding is a separate entity from Forex which can also be traded in the same manner but has some regulatory differences.

“For example, A client wants to purchase £10,000 worth of HSBC shares, the margin requirement would be only £1,000. If HSBC share value increases to £10,500 a £500 profit on the deal would equate to just 5% return if you traded the shares outright; compared to a return of 50% on a CFD.”

Interested? You should be. Get started now with a free ‘demo’ account from AGM trader. I've tried their charts and they are pretty damn hot. The benefit here is that you open your account in US dollars which means you can take advantage of the recent strength of the Rand.

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Contracts for Difference

Stock exchange volatility has caused havoc on the world markets. Is a another crash inevitable? Not so say the experts. Lessons have been learnt from previous episodes in the last century, albeit a bit late. Governments around the world have rallied to shore up the markets, tighten regulations, and curb unjustified bonuses. Renewed confidence in the markets can be to the advantage of the shrewd investor who has a long term, or even a short term view.

CFD’s (Contracts for difference) offer excellent short term profits compared to long term share holding at much reduced risk. How does it work?

While the world’s traders and investors reel under the shocking losses, AGM trader has come up with a risk averse, innovative way to handle your money and make fortunes in the present volatile market.

Follow the details in the follow up posts to come as we look into CFDs and Forex. AGM Trader has come up with an innovative way to help beginner traders to get started in the game of trading. What has AGM Trader done?

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