Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Stock Market Bull Rages

It's been a while after my blog break. I was focusing on helping to put together a stock market course for people interested in learning how to do this actively. I guess that's why you found this blog... To search and seek out more knowledge about investing!

Well, the Integrated Trading System we have been working on includes global fundamentals and combines them with local stock market sectors and charts them so that technical analysis on a sector and share level is quite unique. We get a very high hit rate on our stock trading using this integrated stock market course approach.

I have also been spending a good deal of time overhauling my other business venture's website: beekeeping equipment supplies! That's right. I supply any beekeeper with the equipment they need to get started and grow their golden opportunity. The site hadn't been updated for a good long time and this month it got tagged.

The beautiful thing about beekeeping is that it can be the ultimate alternative investment opportunity. You see, it's a low cost, low capital setup and the bees do pretty much all the work... It's a sweet deal with all that honey and all. Bees are great.

I reworked all of the keywords and the links within the site and even added a new beginner beekeeping course. If you looking for something alternative for investing beekeeping could be it.

This week th emarket had a great rally. A fantastic turn yesterday on the ALSI 60 min chart gave an entry long at 19600 and after the gap up this morning gave 500 pts for the taking. That's the total weekly quota I set myself in less than 48 hours.

The Anglo American trade also triggered long from 19200 yesterday and closed today at 20800 at resistance there. Anglogold Ashanti gave a sinister short term trade this morning at 31500 to 29500 for a decent day's work.

Our integrated Stock Trading approach warned us that last week's sell of was a pullback buy opportunity and we looked to buy shares like Old mutual, Aspen and Sasol amongst the short list which produced a massive 10% on average across the portfolio in just 2 days! DO you agree that this is profits worthy of short term trading?

After today the Johannesburg stock market has once again resounded it's bullish rage and charged in a red-eyed flurry to break resistance levels confirming what we have been saying for months now: The bear market is over. The bulls are preparing to charge again. Buy on pullbacks unless critical support levels are broken on global fundamental charts!!!

Well, it's really good to be back!

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