Thursday, December 3, 2009

I’ve done some calculations you will find amazing! You can’t miss out on this opportunity to see how much money was made over the last 3 days!

It will only take about 1 minute for you to go over the basic stock market money PROFITS set out below!


Our special stock market update sent during the morning of the 27th November stated the following:

"We find the market selling off in droves today as we discussed at the meeting this week and in our newsletter and update earlier mid week..."

"Kumba has pulled back to the neck line of 25000 odd. Keep an eye on this level this afternoon for signs of hammers."

"Similar with Northam @ 20ema and 50ema, Lonmin @ 20ema (R209) with 50ema as critical."

"ALSO watch Anglo American now at 10ema and other RESI and base metals shares. Watch Pharmaceuticals, Industrial and Technology sector based shares as these sectors show highest strength on the market. PSG 20ema is 2429c however this share is thinly traded. Line support of the old high is 2353c."

"Exxaro is at the entry price of the moving average convergence of 9030c again."

In addition, the global indices like S&P 500, Dow Jones, FTSE100 and DAX would also be excellent buying opportunities!

What price are they now?

Northam entry @ 3900 - price as at close of 2nd December at 4198 (7.6% in 3 days)
Kumba entry at 24700 - price as at close of 2nd December at 26500 (7.3% in 3 days)

Lonmin entry at 20900 - price as at close of 2nd December at 23201 (11% in 3 days)

PSG entry at 2429 - price as at close of 2nd December at 2431 (no move in 3 days

Standard Bank at 9300 - price as at close of 2nd December at 9724 (4.3% in 3 days)
Anglo American at 31000 - price as at close of 2nd December at 33164 (7% in 3 days)

Exxaro at 9100 - price as at close of 2nd December at 9230 (1.8% in 3 days) but it did got to 9560 on Tuesday (5%)!

How Much Money was MADE by our Wealth Club Members?

If you were trading with any geared instruments like CFDs, Single Stock Futures or Spreads you would have an average of 5.5% profits (including only 1.8% in Exxaro although we closed at 9500) if you took all of the trades listed above.

For every R5000 you had traded you now have R2500, less brokerage of estimated R500, per stock traded. In essence in 3 days you would've made R2000 for R5000 you traded in the stock market since Friday 27th!

That's a whopping 40% profit in just 3 days - That's just 1 way you make money on the stock market!

In just 3 days, using our Wealth Club Subscription newsletter, you not only made money enough to pay for a year's Wealth Club membership but much more money for yourself! How much is that worth to you?

What if we can help you do this every month? Subscribe now to Wealth Skill's Club! Or come on our stock market courses or enquire about our personal trading coach programme or our stock broker / prop dealer consultancy!

Bear in mind that some of these positions will be held by our Medium Term Investors as wealth creation tools for at least a few weeks to a number of years! The above scenario illustrates opportunities for short term traders and may not reflect on future earnings. Trading is risky. Returns are not guaranteed. Understand your risk and ensure you trade with money you can afford to lose.

Trade well, not often!
All the best investing this quarter,

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